Unknown is a new Hollywood thriller film that is directed by Jaume Collet-Serra. The original title of Unknown is Unknown White Male. The film Unknown based on the French novel published in English as Out of My Head and the writer of the novel is Didier van Cauwelaert. Unknown was screened out of competition at the 61st Berlin International Film Festival. Unknown released on this February 18, 2011 with the banner of Warner Bros. Pictures. The budget of Unknown is $30 million. Movie Unknown grosses over $56,520,462 in 11 days.    

The movie star like Liam Neeson, Aidan Quinn, Frank Langella, Mido Hamada were in the flim. Many German actors were cast for the movie. Rainer Bock had previously starred in Inglourious Basterds (which also starred Diane Kruger) and The White Ribbon. Other cast includes Adnan Maral as Turkish taxi driver and Petra Schmidt-Schaller as immigration officer.

Dr .Marttin Harris and his wife Liz arrive in Berlin for a biotechnology summit. Liam Neeson played the role of Dr. Harris and Liz Played by January Jones. When they arrive there hotel they find out that Dr. Harris forgot his briefcase at the airport. Dr. Harris sign up a taxi for the airport. But faith has its won plan there car crashed to avoid a refrigerator that falls off a delivery truck. Martin is knocked unconscious upon impact and Gina saves him from drowning before fleeing from the scene. On Thanksgiving Day, he comes to at the hospital after being in a coma for four days. When Dr. Martin come his hotel he finds out that his wife another man and she neglect that she knows him and she also tells the hotel security to through him away. He tries to contact with his colleague Prof. Rodney Cole but he did not find that helpful so he move forward with the plan office of Prof. Bressler, whom he is scheduled to meet that day. That is also not helpful but he finds out an impostor known as Martin B. He tries to show his identity but the imposter show that first and he find out that photo has the same thing but with a replace and that is he is not in the photo but the imposter did. He also show the ID and that is also have his name. Disillusioned by the identity crisis, Martin falls unconscious and finds himself back at the hospital, where he undergoes an MRI to see if the accident had caused any head trauma. An assassin sent to target him kills Dr. Farge and Nurse Gretchen Erfurt, but Martin escapes.

He become little weak on consider of his opponent but he never give up. He seeks help from private investigator and former Stasi agent Ernst J├╝rgen. He is very keen to find his freedom back. He has to find out what the main thing is and why the imposter takes his ID and what they want to do. Those problems have to solve if he wanted his life back. If you find out the plot of the movie is great to watch then you had to go to the theater and buy ticket watch the movie? If you want to download you also can.

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