The Hulk

The hulk movie is super hero movie. The movie based a very popular Marvel Comic. The movie released in the year of 2003. The movie is a story of a man life .The movies core character is Hulk. The movie is one of the best earners of that year. 

The movie is starring by Eric Bana. He is core character of the movie .In the movie is playing the roll of The Hulk. David Banner is a genetics researcher. He tries to improve human DNA .He tries the research on himself. His wife gives birth there son Bruce. David realizes that his hybrid DNA passed out to his son Bruce. He starts searching for a cure for his son’s condition .By knowing the threat the government shut down the research. David accidentally killed his wife .Then he sent to mantel hospital by the government.  Bruce has sent to the foster care and adopted, by believing his true parents are all dead. Bruce also became a researcher in the University of California. Major Talbot becomes interested in the research of nanomeds to build regenerating soldiers. He began to work with Bruce. Bruce girlfriend is also working with him. One there was a malfunction in lad. Bruce is already altered DNA. The accident changed him to a giant. That is the night when Bruce become Hulk.

After the malfunction in the lad Betty finds out Bruce unconscious. Than it also a very important thing to explain that he didn’t know anything about his transform. Major put Bruce under a home prison .He also take over the lab.
The night David calls Bruce and tells him that he is placed tree mutant dog to Betty.  Bruce tells all the things to Ross but he did not trust Bruce .That is why hulk ignore the major and escape from there. Than something happened that Bruce did not intend. The Major place his army to hunt down Hulk…………  

Name Of The Movie
Released Date
First Week gross
US Gross
Worldwide gross
20/6/ 2003
The Incredible Hulk
13/6/ 2008

Total Gross


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