Resident evil

 Resident evil is one of the well-known movie series of all time. The movie based on a popular play station game series .The first part of the movie released in 2002.than it’s got a going on. All the part of the movie has got a good public view. The movie has four parts (Resident Evil, Resident Evil: Apocalypse, Resident Evil: Extinction, Resident Evil: Afterlife).Resident evil released in the year of 2002.The movie got a good reply by the viewers. It grosses over $ 101,441,078 .The second part of the movie Resident evil: Apocalypse receives little over $129, 349,835 and the third part of the movie (Resident Evil: Extinction earn more than $147,717,833.The movies last part witch released lately in this year .This time the movie released in 3D.Resident evil: afterlife become the best part of the series .Resident evil: Afterlife is the best earning part of the movie .The movie gross more than $273,680,735.

Resident evil is a very popular game back in 1996-2000.Resident evil games part devil may cry released in 2002.Then they released Resident evil zero. Resident evil part four released PS2.Resident evil 5 released I 2009 .All the games Developed by Capcom .
Resident evil was a comic a back in 1997.

The Resident Evil is based on a horror game title is same .In 2002 director Paul W.S Anderson screened the first part of the movie. The director cast Milla Jovovich for the lead position.

Umbrella Corporation is a secret genetic research facility. The company located in the deep of Raccoon city. An unspecified person dropped a greenish blue vial on the floor. The liquid in vial is so strong and dangerous that it killed the entire living person in the lab. That’s not all. After a few moments they all come alive. They become so hungry for killing people.

Milla Jovovich and some commandos and a police officer take an underground train that leads to the hive. There work is to discover the queen’s chamber and they eventually find the queen’s room. But the core is protected by a deadly laser system. Three commanders are dead ,only one is left with Alice .As they throughout they face more deadly problems .How they will get out from there .That is the story
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