Iron man

Iron man is movie based on a Marvel comic character .It is a superhero movie .Tony Stark is core character of the movie .He plays the name roll in the movie. The film has two parts the first part Released in 2008 .the is one of the best movie of the year .The movie got a good reception from the viewers.
The film stars Robert Downey Jr plays the character of Tony Stark. He is master inventor .He make weapon for national army. One day he found out that his weapon is used by the terrorist also. He got prison by the terrorist .terrorist took him to a hill hole .there they poisoned him .there they offer a option to Tony stark .But Tony did not accept the proposal .They all force Tony to make a suit  for them .Witch will have some protective powers to keep the save the man who use the suit .

Tony make plan to make him escape from there .Then he made a suit but not in position to give them. He made some move to show them that he is doing the work accurately .But the terrorist find out that he did not doing the work for them, but for himself. They all want kill Tony. But he did escape.

Name Of The Movie
Release Date
Worldwide Total Gross
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Iron Man
Iron man 2
7/5/ 2010
Iron man movie is very good movie to watch
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