The lord of the rings

The lord of the rings is one of the most popular movie series of all time .The third part of the movie is the third box office hit of all time .All the series based on the novel by J.R.R Tolkien’s .The novel’s name is also the lord of the rings.

J.R.R Tolkien was philologist in Oxford University. He put the pen on paper in 1947.The story is a less complicated actually made for children fantasy. The book is a sequel for the previous story The Hobbit. But he could not manage it as a sort story. It became a large work. The story published in the year of 1954.

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The lord of the rings & fellowship of the ring
The lord of the rings & the two tower
The lord of the rings and the return of king


The director of the movie (Peter Jackson) manages to finish the work on it .Then he released the first part in 2001 in the moth of December. The movie received a position in the best 100 American movie of all time. The movie was a sorcery film. The movie is all taken by the book. Every part of the movie was full of Action, Drama, Romance and Tragedy. The part of the movie is the third biggest box office hit of all time.

The movie begins with dark war for power. The war was for a ring. The war held in the foot of Mount Doom. Dark lord Sauron and his army are forced to conquer the middle earth. King Elendil has a sword to kill Sauron but he died in war when his son prince Isildur took his father sword and cut down the finger of the dark lord Sauron .The dark lord was defeated. The ring passed to Isildur .He has a chance to destroy the ring but he can’t. He also died .And some things that shouldn’t have been forgotten were lost. The story became myth. After 2500 year the ring came to the creature Gollum .One day he lost the ring. It came to a most unlikely creature .A Hobbit from the Shire .The name of the Hobbit was Bilbo Baggins. He takes the ring. The story continues.

The army of Saruman (Christopher Lee) was searching for the ring. The wizard called Gandalf the Gray (Ian McKellen) find the ring in the arm of Bilbo .He said to Bilbo that the ring is belong to Frodo (the grand son of Bilbo).Bilbo leave the ring to Frodo. Gandalf the gray realize that the ring is not a common one. He looked for the information of the ring. He fined out that the ring a serious thing to handle. Bilbo leaved Shire. Frodo (Elijah Wood) had the ring. Gandalf said to Frodo the furious story. The journey has begun. He said that they have to destroy the ring as soon as possible.

Gandalf found some friend’s to look after the ring bearer Frodo and his caretaker Sam (Sean Astin) and that was the fellowship of the ring. One of the guards is the heir (Aragorn) Isildur . That’s why Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen) is the true king of Gondor .They all made a journey to an evil path. One of the white wizards has betrayed them. He (Saruman) is coming for the ring. They have to destroy the ring.

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