The Dark Knight

Batman is one of the well known movie series of all time. I believe that the people of all ages are all known the name of the movie. The movie based in the DC Comics character Batman. The movie got very good response from the viewers. The Dark Knight is the biggest box office success of the year followed by Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix become the second highest earning movie of the year. The movie earned over $1 billion.

The Dark Knight is the sequel of the previous part of the movie the Batman Begins. The movie received eight Academy Award nominations and won for Best Sound Editing and Best Supporting Actor for Ledger's performance.

Christopher Nolan is the director of the movie and the co-writer of the movie. Movie stars like Aaron Eckhart, Bruce Wayne and Gary Oldman.

Joker and his accomplices rob a mob bank in the city of Gotham. Harvey Dent is now dating Rachel Dawes. The maker of the bank robbery was Lau. The joker knows that Batman will come to the Lau & he come to offer that he will cost the half of there fund .If they accept the proposal he will kill Batman. But they fully refuse the proposal. But the joker is not very happy in this denial so he killed Gambol and take over there people.

Batman captures Lau and he delivers him to the Gotham City police. But the story is not about the bank robbery it is a bad revenge of the joker. Joker is not a person who wants money. He wants to blast the fear of him all over the city. Joker becomes very horrified day by day. Batman is not able to find where the joker was?
Harvey Dent helps Batman to find the joker. But it turns out that the joker played very horrified games to them. That the result ends with death of Rachel Dawes. Harvey dent had an injury too. The very next day the joker Joker threatens to destroy a hospital. He also gives an offer that if the accountant at Wayne Enterprises Coleman Reese had to be dead within one hour. In the very same day he played also a very bad game. He passed to make Harvey Dent a bad person.
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