Ong Bak 3

Ong Bak 3 is directed by Thailand superstar Tony Jaa & Panna Rittikrai. The movie is written by Panna Rittikrai & the hero himself Tony Jaa. The movie’s music is given by Terdsak of Japan. The movie is the latest installment of the Thailand super hit movie Ong Bak. That last part of the movie is Ong Bak 2. Whoever saw the 2nd movie is very much aware for the last part. We know that in Ong Bak 2 where Tien got himself injured by Lord Rajasena’s man. When Tien returns to his village, he finds it taken over by Bhuti Sangkha (Dan Chupong).

The film stared by Tony Jaa as Tien, Primrata Det-Udom as Pim, Sarunyu Wongkrajang as Lord Rajasena, Petchtai Wongkamlao as Mhen, Dan Chupong as Bhuti Sangkha, Santisuk Promsiri as Lord Sihadecho, Nirutti Sirijanya as Phra Bua, Supakorn Kitsuwon as Golden-Armoured King's Guard & Sorapong Chatree as Chernang. The movie has r released 5 may 2010 in Thailand and it become the second biggest hit of the box office Thailand in the first week. The movie grosses more than $555,823 in its first week. The movie is going on the screen of Hollywood from January 14th 2011.

Tien was bitten by Kendo sticks in the 1431. His knees and elbows are snapped by in order of Lord Rajasena. When Lord Rajasena was sleeping Tine’s guerilla fighters attempt to free him. Here comes Bhuti Sangkha and killed the guerilla fighters. Lord Rajasena wants to hire Bhuti Sangkha but he refuse to do that for the Lord. Bhuti Sangkha killed Lord Rajasena and places his darkness upon the people. But Tien have stop Bhuti Sangkha. What will happen when the two supernatural powers come across?


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