Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part 2

The Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part 2 is one of the most elegant movie of the year. The movie is the last addition of Harry Potter sires. As previously the movie will stars with the end of the last part. This will be the end of the Harry Potter phenomenon. The movie hits the cinemas in this year July 15. The fans all over the world are waiting for the last installment of the movie. There you will see some love .Harry's love for Jenny  and Ron's love for Hermione.All fans are sure of that this movie will be one of the biggest hit of all time. This movie has the same cast as before. The name character of the movie was played by Denial Radcliff. The other main characters of the movie are played by Emma Watson & Rupert Grint.The character of Jinny is played by Bonnie Wright  The movie will bring more than a billion that’s the pre-thought of the Hollywood insiders.   

The first look of the last part has been released in this day. The first look tells that this will be a very deadly murdering movie from the view of Harry Potter. The image shows that Navil has taken revenge. His bloody body says that the revenge was not very easy. We can also see Bellatrix Lestrange but for a little. This is the last so it has to be the best. As the story tells that will be the most adventurous movie of them all. We will have to wait for the last second when the movie has been unfolded.   

If you know the story of Harry Potter and the deathly hallows ONLY THEN you can read it. If you are not familiar with the story then better LEAVE IT.  Because It can be a spoiler………

The movie begins with the end of the last part. Harry, Ron & Hermione knows that what was the last three Horcruxes are. They also know that Voldemort had the elder wand also. They back to Hogwarts to find and destroy Voldemorts final horcruxes .They had tried to hide there mission but they can’t finally Voldemort find out that what was the mission of Harry & his friends. He tried every thing to find his opponent and to solve the bad chapter of his life. Harry chose the path of death. He has the courage but the way for the mission is not so simple.

This part may start with the trio of Harry and his friend’s bank break. This impossible task they finished with the help of there friend Goblin. They try to find the volt of Bellatrix Lestrange because of the Hufflepuff cup. They find it out but for a little late. The alarm of the bank rang. They find a blind Dragon. They escape from there heardly. Now Voldemort knows where they can go. So he is very alert for the next step. What will happened when Harry & Voldemort met each other……..    
The total cast of Harry Potter And the deathly hallows Part Two are:

                              Helena Bonham Carter            ...         Bellatrix Lestrange
 Gary Oldman                          ...         Sirius Black
            Emma Watson                        ...         Hermione Granger
         Ralph Fiennes                         ...         Lord Voldemort
     Daniel Radcliffe                       ...         Harry Potter
        Alan Rickman                         ...         Severus Snape
              Michael Gambon                     ...         Albus Dumbledore
          Emma Thompson                    ...         Sybill Trelawney
      Rupert Grint                            ...         Ron Weasley
        John Hurt                                ...         Mr. Ollivander
            Bill Nighy                               ...         Rufus Scrimgeour
                 Maggie Smith                          ...         Minerva McGonagall
       Tom Felton                              ...         Draco Malfoy
        Jason Isaacs                             ...         Lucius Malfoy
                        Kelly Macdonald                    ...         The Grey Lady (rumored)
                    Bonnie Wright                                    ...         Ginny Weasley
         Clémence Poésy                      ...         Fleur Delacour
                     Ciarán Hinds                           ...         Aberforth Dumbledore
              Jamie Campbell Bower           ...         Gellert Grindelwald
        Timothy Spall                          ...         Peter Pettigrew
      David Thewlis                         ...         Remus Lupin
    Miranda Richardson               ...         Rita Skeeter
    Domhnall Gleeson                  ...         Bill Weasley
         Robbie Coltrane                      ...         Rubeus Hagrid
            Jim Broadbent                         ...         Horace Slughorn
         Julie Walters                            ...         Molly Weasley
                        Warwick Davis                       ...         Filius Flitwick / Griphook
           Evanna Lynch                         ...         Luna Lovegood
             Helen McCrory                       ...         Narcissa Malfoy
Peter Mullan                            ...         Yaxley
             Oliver Phelps                           ...         George Weasley
        Rade Serbedzija                      ...         Gregorovitch
                  Matthew Lewis                       ...         Neville Longbottom
            Miriam Margolyes                   ...         Pomona Sprout
                    Natalia Tena                            ...         Nymphadora Tonks
               Dave Legeno                           ...         Fenrir Greyback
          James Phelps                           ...         Fred Weasley
 Nick Moran                             ...         Scabior
        Michelle Fairley                      ...         Mrs. Granger
  Geraldine Somerville              ...         Lily Potter
                     Toby Regbo                            ...         Teenage Dumbledore
 Mark Williams             ...         Arthur Weasley
              Simon McBurney                    ...         Kreacher (voice)
               Jessie Cave                              ...         Lavender Brown
           Chris Rankin                           ...         Percy Weasley
      Adrian Rawlins                       ...         James Potter
           Guy Henry                              ...         Pius Thicknesse
             Devon Murray                         ...         Seamus Finnigan
       Luke Newberry                       ...         Teddy Lupin
         Josh Herdman                         ...         Gregory Goyle
       Alfie Enoch                             ...         Dean Thomas
              Will Dunn                               ...         James Sirius Potter
   Jon Campling                          ...         Death Eater
                   Benedict Clarke                      ...         Young Severus Snape
    Afshan Azad                           ...         Padma Patil
       Anna Shaffer                          ...         Romilda Vane
   Shefali Chowdhury                 ...         Parvati Patil
           Scarlett Byrne                         ...         Pansy Parkinson
                Andy Linden                          ...         Mundungus Fletcher
            Ellie Darcey-Alden                 ...         Young Lily Evans
               Rohan Gotobed                      ...         Young Sirius Black
        Suzanne Toase                        ...         Alecto Carrow
Mike Edmonds                       ...         Goblin
     Louis Cordice                         ...         Blaise Zabini
                Ninette Finch                          ...         Augusta Longbottom
Isabella Laughland                  ...         Leanne
           Pauline Stone                          ...         Hogwarts Nurse
                                  Ryan Butcher                          ...         Gryffindor Student (uncredited)
                          Andy Callaghan                      ...         Wizard Parent (uncredited)
                       James Currie                            ...         Mudblood (uncredited)
                      Paul Davies                             ...         Deatheater (uncredited)
                    David Decio                            ...         Snatcher (uncredited)
                Elham Ehsas                            ...         Extra (uncredited)
                               Elliott Francis                          ...         Senior Slytherin (uncredited)
                        Natalie Hallam                        ...         Death Eater (uncredited)
                            Catherine Laine                       ...         Ministry Typist (uncredited)
                         Jeff Lipman                             ...         Death Eater (uncredited)
                         Jamie McCleod-Ross              ...         Death Eater (uncredited)
             Tabatha St. Vincent                ...         Extra (uncredited)
                            Harry Taylor                            ...         Station Guard (uncredited)
                               Aaron Virdee                          ...         Gryffindor Senior (uncredited)
                                       Christian Wolf-La'Moy           ...         Wizard Wedding Guest (uncredited)



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