Gamer is a science fiction movie. The movie was base on the plot of online game. The movie budget was 15 million dollar. The movie first week release rank was 4 at the box office. Gamer movie gross more than 40 million dollar at the box office. The movie was directed by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor. The movie star like Gerard Butler was in the film. Gerard Butler plays the roll of Kable. He uses to be participating in the online game. The game controlled by the player. Kable is one of the few player of the game .the rule of the game is to survive.

The New York mind control company got a hard grip throughout the world. They plan an online game that would be the total real game of the entire world. The eccentric Ken Castle has revolutionized the gaming sector with his self invented self-replicating nannies. They collect some very good gamer & Logan Lerman as the player who controls Kable.

 The game begins with all the action. Logan Lerman is one person who can talk to Kable. Logan Lerman plays a very good game to move Kable to the very deadline. Kable got a massage form a stranger that the master mind of the game plans to kill him in 30th match. Kable ask Logan Lerman to leave the control of the game over Kable. Kable manage escape and successfully drives out of the deathmatch arena. A false trend a spare that Kable was killed in order to cover up his escape.

Kable go to the human leader & the leader tell him that the mind control technology use upon him. They use the technology against the will of Kable. The leader also tells Kable the way how he could destroy the castle. He also gives Kable directions to where he can break his wife out of Society. She is working there as an avatar since his incarceration. That how the story goes on……………………..

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