Rango is an upcoming animated movie of 2011. The movie is been directed by Gore Verbinski. The producer is no other than Graham King. The movie is all about a character called Rango. The name character of the movie was played by Rango. The voice of the characters is given by the legend of comedy himself Johnny Depp. The other features the of voices are given by Fisher, Harry Dean Stanton, Ray Winstone, Bill Nighy, Abigail Breslin Isla, Alfred Molina, Ned Beatty, and Timothy Olyphant.

Rango lives in a terrarium. He loves to belief that he is big hero. One day he finds out himself free and in an unknown and Old West town called Dirt. The town is populated by various desert critters garbed like characters out of a spaghetti western. As he's always thought himself a hero so he set him as a lawman in the town Dirt. But the town Dirt has some problem from before. As a lawman his has to find and solve the problem. But the problem is not so easy to handle for a lizard. The main character is lizard. But set him as a good guy in the town. The town is full of good guy. But if all are good what should make Rango famous. He want that every mouth will sang his name with honor. He wants to earn that honor any how. So he try heard to be what to be. He finds out that there is something which is making problem for the people of the town. He wants to solve that problem. It is easy for a hardworking person but not for the coward. Yes the central character of the movie is a coward. So the easy become herd to deal with. It is the full story of the movie Rango.

The Pirates of the Caribbean’s director says that the movie is good. The movie has emotion of life & full of adventure. The Animation is being handled by CGI veterans Industrial Light & Magic. The movie is going to hit the screen in March 4, 2011. So we have wait till the day comes…        


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