50 First Dates


The 50 First Dates is a very good love story. The movie is romantic comedy film directed by Peter Segal. The movie mostly framed in the island of Hawaii. Adam Sandler & Drew Barrymore is the base character of the film. The movie is one of the best movies of the year. Adam Sandler & Drew Barrymore are both won an mtv award for there tremendous chemistry. The movie has got some great songs.

The movie starts with an introduction of Henry Roth. Henry Roth is a very good lady monster. He takes care for animals in an aquatic amusement park in Hawaii. In passing almost every scene of the movie location is Hawaii. Henry always dates new lady for a change &he always has some breakup. One day he meets a very god looking lady in the hotel of the island. They talk a lot. They also promise to meet the very next day. The day seems too long for Henry. He dreamed all day about Lucy and waiting for the reunion of tomorrow.     

The next day Henry comes to meet her but she had o memory of the past day. He fined out that the girl had an accident in the past & that’s why she lost her power to memories some things. But Henry is in love with her. So he tries to talk to her every day. Sometime he had a chance to talk sometime not. He tries all the possible way to impress Lucy. Lucy Whitmore’s father fined out that some one in love with her daughter & he tries to help them. He told the story of the accident to Henry. Then they decided that they will find some other way to make Lucy remember all about the terrible accident. One day Lucy know that she had an accident and she lost the power of memorize sometime. She becomes very sad. Then the story goes on.

Henry tries a new plan to make her remember all the stuff in a moment. He made a tape of the last accident and the next daily wanted news. He wanted to press the relationship further. But Lucy did not want that. That’s why it becomes a problem. She wants Henry to forget her because with this he could have a good future. Henry didn’t like the plan at all. But he did it for Lucy.

Henry prepares to go on his precious trip into the ocean. But he is not happy to leave Lucy. He wants to stay. But he promise Lucy that he will not come across in the lane of her that’s why he will not going to stay. The very last moment of the leave Lucy’s father came to Henry. He gave some hint that Lucy will not be happy without him. Henry finds out the hint but he is little way from Hawaii. He turns the ship at very moment. He goes to Lucy and introduces himself again to Lucy. After that there love story goes on to a happy ending.
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Jimmy Jarred said...

Yes its a very nice and romantic movie. I saw it many years back. I loved the whole idea behind this movie. Fun to watch.
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