Battle: Los Angeles

The Battle of Los Angeles is also known as world Invasion: Battle Los Angeles for the whole world. Now this historic Battle is coming out with a movie called Battle: Los Angeles. This movie is an upcoming science fiction film. The movie is directed by Jonathan Liebesman. The Battle: Los Angeles is going to release in March 11 and the year is 2011. The movie shows a modern day Los Angeles and follows a platoon of Marines and Airmen during a global alien invasion. The movie is totally based on the Battle of Los Angeles. Budget of the movie is little over $100 million and the producers are Jeffrey Chernov & Neal H. Mortiz. The story is not more than story falsely suspected air raid of Los Angeles that took place during world war two.

The movie is an upcoming science fiction action film. Movie star like Aaron Eckhart as Marine Staff Sergeant Michael Nantz, Michelle Rodriguez as Technical Sergeant Elena Santos, Bridget Moynahan as Michele Martinez is in the movie. The other characters are Jim Parrack, Lucas Till, Joey King, Tisha Campbell-Martin, Cory Hardrict and Michael Peña. There is some other actor also.

Jonathan Liebesman intended the filmd to be a realistic depiction of an invasion in the style of a war film that’s why he takes some inspiration from other Hollywood movie like United 93 and Black Hawk Down. The movie has deferent camera footage. The filmmaker tested three cameras for soot the movie. He used digital and Red cameras but he can’t find out that what he needed. While the director tried to use practical effects whenever possible, such as for explosions, most of the aliens in the film are computer generated, as the director felt they would be too difficult to achieve practically. The invaders designer tried to make the alien look more like alien rather than insect or animal.
The film was shot for a PG-13 rating. The director felt making the film overly gory did not suit the more suspenseful tone they were trying to achieve.

The story is more like “In 2011 invade the word and the Los Angeles turns out the last stand of man kind. The movie got the action and the science fiction as well. The movie promised to be good to watch. The runtime of the movie is 116 minutes. The events of the film are inspired by The Battle of Los Angeles, a falsely suspected air raid of Los Angeles that took place during World War II. The movie is going to release in March 11.

The movie not yet released but movie got the front line with news that is  Sony Pictures Entertainment has been investigating the possibility of legal action against the filmmakers Greg and Colin Strause, who were hired to do visual effects work on Battle: Los Angeles through their special effects company Hydraulx. Sony Pictures suspects the Strause brothers created their own Los Angeles-based alien invasion film Skyline, which will compete with Battle: Los Angeles release, by using resources they had gained while working on Battle: Los Angeles without the consent of Sony Pictures.


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His is actually one of the few movies, I remember the movie "Independence Day" now that i'm really excited about these days. I hope it's as good as it looks like a great alien invasion movie. Entertainment Bay

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